The main economic activities of the town and the district are livestock farming, charcoal production and tourism. Businesses mainly cater for these sectors. Guest farms, hotels and lodges are of a very high standard.

Nine industries are established in town namely MDH Stone Crusher and brick making factory, First Generation bricks making factory, Robran Steel Construction factory, Retoma Taxidermy, Erongo food products, Robran Steel Engineering, Nexus Building Contractors, Etosha Tannery, Corridor Logistics Transport.

Two charcoal factories is also established in Outjo, namely Etosha Charcoal and Black Gold & Bumblebee Investment.

The town has many tourism attractions including museum, nature reserve and old German water tower. The location of Outjo holds major potential, firstly in terms of the amount of tourism related traffic through the town and secondly because of its close proximity to very unique tourist destinations including the world famous Etosha National Park and game farms. It is further believed that the full potential of the existing stream of tourist has not been tapped, more for expected increasing tourist volumes. It will be very short sighted not to acknowledge the huge potential that tourism holds for Outjo and the Kunene Region at large. There are two tourism shops (curios) in town.

To summarize; approximately 18000 tourists have been counted traveling through Outjo from 4 to 29 September 2006. Extrapolated over a 30 day month, this will equate to almost 22000 tourists travelling through Outjo per month.

Public-private partnership (PPP) arrangements:
We are in preparations for the first arrangements through which we wants to outsource the cleansing services to the public. Currently we are making use of temporary employees.

=> There are three commercial banks: Standard Bank, First National Bank and Bank Windhoek.
=> One big franchise shop: OK Foods, and several grocery, liquor shops and outfitter's shops in Outjo and Etoshapoort, Outjo Bakery with internet facilities.
=> The abattoir in town belongs to the Council but is leased out to private sector.
=> Four services/petrol stations.
=> Three big farmers businesses, Agra (Co-op) Ltd., BSB Farming and Kaap Agri
=> There are plenty of accommodation facilities, lodges, guesthouses and a hotel in the town and also in close proximity of the town, e.g. Aloe Guestshouse, Buschfeld Park, Dan-Marie Chalets, Etosha Garden Hotel, Etotongwe Lodge, Kai-oms Backpackers Lodge, Matunda Guest Farm, Ombinda Country Lodge, SaSa Safari Camp, Sophienhof Lodge and The Farmhouse Restaurant.
=> Conference facilities are available at Aloe Guestshouse, Etotongwe Town Lodge and Ombinda Lodge.
=> The town is linked with proper telecommunication system including the mobile telecommunication systems (MTC, LEO & Telecom), with internet and email facilities available.
=> There are several transport services available in town of Outjo, including three companies with trucks for livestock transport and other courier services such as NamPost courier service, Cross country couriers and Lambert transport. We have town taxi's driving between the town and Etoshapoort, and we avail lot of public transport between Outjo and the connected towns. Transnamib also offers trucks for road transport.
=> Besides the two state hospitals we have also private doctors consulting rooms, in town with two doctors and Outjo pharmacy.