The council consists of 7 councillors, the mayor, deputy mayor and three members of the management
committee and two ordinary councillors, representing 4 political parties.
cllr. F. G. !Gomseb
Deputy Mayor
Cllr. F.G. !Gomseb
cllr. P. Mostert
Chairperson of MC
Cllr. P. Mostert
(Outjo Residence Association)
cllr. R. Nangombe
Vice chairperson of MC
Cllr. R. Nangombe
cllr. E. J. Haimbondi
Member of MC
Cllr. E.J. Haimbondi
cllr. M. Peter
Cllr. M. Peter
cllr. N. Frans
Cllr. N. Frans